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Go to Guangzhou, China to choose fabrics

Most of the fabrics used in Frontier products are procured from Guangzhou, China. It's been a while since I visited, but I'd like to introduce you to the situation at that time.


Would you like to change the atmosphere of your room with slippers?

I compared all 9 room's colors in a room on the same floor to see how much the interior atmosphere changes depending on the color of the slippers.


How room's is made -PART2-

"Until room's is made" PART1 " introduced the secret story behind the development of room's . This time, I will introduce how it is made at the factory.

初めての展示会 ~インテリア ライフスタイル 2022~ #2

First Exhibition ~Interior Lifestyle 2022~ #2

hello. Continuing from the last time, we will continue to deliver the state of "Interior Lifestyle 2022".

初めての展示会 ~インテリア ライフスタイル 2022~ #1

First Exhibition ~Interior Lifestyle 2022~ #1

What is Interior Lifestyle 2022? → An international trade fair where domestic and foreign products related to clothing, food and housing gather , centering on small items and miscellaneous goods with excellent design that propose the future lifestyle market.


Summer and slippers.

How do you like your summer slippers?


Usage of room's PLUS

Room's PLUS can be used as office slippers or when going out to the neighborhood. I've been asked how durable it is, so I took a picture every month after putting it down new.


room's and socks

Introducing the combination of slippers room's and socks.

room's PLUS(ルームズ プラス)_スリッパ

room's PLUS office outfit

I tried to match all colors of room's PLUS office slippers with the classic office outfit of white tops and black pants.


How room's is made -PART1-

Introducing the behind-the-scenes story behind the development of Frontier's popular product room's.