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Hello, this is staff K.

It's warmer than November. Make sure it's cold in December! !

It's suddenly cold, but are you all feeling well?

Well, when it comes to winter, it's a fight against "coldness". In particular, many women are worried about "coldness". I am one of them. However, in my twenties, I was not cold, and my hands were always sweaty.

However, in my 30s, my constitution gradually changed, and now I suffer from cold every year. .

First of all, what is cold?

It's a so-called sensitivity to cold, but when the blood flow gets worse, the oxygen and various nutrients that originally flow through the blood become inaccessible. In addition, it is said that the waste products accumulated in the body become difficult to be discharged, which causes various disorders.

Compared to men, women are especially prone to cold sensitivity because they have less muscle mass, which plays a major role in raising body temperature, and more fat, which is difficult to warm up once cold.

I see, then if you do muscle training! ! !

And you can't build muscle that easily. . That's why I take measures against the cold every year.

What kind of cold measures are you all taking?

In my opinion, slippers are the easiest way to get rid of the cold!

Many people wear room socks, but I think slippers are easier to put on and take off, and they are less slippery. Recently, there are many houses with flooring all over, so I think that you can use it with peace of mind if there is something like anti-slip.

Especially recommended in winter are "room's Sheep", "room's MOCO" and "a.looop". Each one has a high-density boa on the inside, so of course you can wear it over socks, but even if you wear it with bare feet, it's warm and feels great on the skin. !

*Photo is room's Sheep

"room's Sheep" and "room's MOCO" have non-slip bottoms, so you can rest assured even on wooden floors.

*The photo is room's MOCO.

As for "a.looop", the bottom material is made of EVA material, so it is more resistant to water and dirt.

*The products introduced here are only available in autumn and winter, so the number is limited. Thank you for your understanding.

How about wearing slippers to stay warm and comfortable in the cold winter?