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The sun is strong every day, and you can't do without a parasol!
Do you know when it's time to replace your parasol?
In fact, it seems that the UV cut processing will be removed due to aging deterioration in about 2 to 3 years.

Parasols are indispensable in such a summer, but are you a collapsible type? Are you an umbrella fan? I am a foldable person.

Quiet topic

Well, this time we have more new friends in the frontier!
Hello, wearing room's.

A little bit of self-introduction, not self-introduction.

Living in Nara.
I like Shiraae, Nanban-zuke sardines, grilled mackerel sushi, grilled sweet potatoes, and many more! He seems to like Japanese food★I also like Shiraae.

His hobby is traveling, and he seems to take trains, buses, bicycles, etc. in unfamiliar cities and leisurely go sightseeing. I would like to hear about recommended sightseeing spots next time!

Lemons and sudachi trees, which are grown at home, are relaxing on holidays.

What a refreshing and polite life... I yearn!

By the way, I'm more of a dog person! one.

We are in charge of general promotional material design such as product logo design, catalogs, and POP.

I think most of the Frontier visual products that you will see from now on will be produced by her.

Please take a look at this and that.
I can't wait to see what kind of things will be born!