First Exhibition ~Interior Lifestyle 2022~ #1 – FRONTIER LifestyleShop JP


This time, I will deliver the state of the exhibition that I participated in for the first time the other day!

We exhibited at "Interior Lifestyle 2022" from 6/1 (Wed) to 6/3 (Fri).

What is Interior Lifestyle 2022?
→ An international trade fair where domestic and foreign products related to clothing, food and housing gather, centering on small items and miscellaneous goods with excellent design that propose the future lifestyle market.

in short……
This is an exhibition where you can see all at once the cutting edge of miscellaneous goods, household goods, furniture, etc. for a better lifestyle.
Discerning specialists, mainly buyers from various places, gather to find the latest products.

Frontier also exhibited there.
Frontier has exhibited many times, but this is my first participation!
Besides, I am on a business trip for the second time in my life.

That's why I can't stop being excited for a week! Also, it's been a long time since I've been to Tokyo, so the excitement is doubled.

For the first time participating, there are various preparations in advance.

First of all, it's time to decide. Three of my co-workers were supposed to participate in the exhibition on a daily basis, so I used the amidakuji lottery to decide who would be on duty!


Amidakuji, it's been a long time.

Next, secure a means of transportation.

I'm a relatively good adult, but ... I haven't ridden the Shinkansen much.

It's the third time I've been here (laughs).

It's been a long time since I last exchanged business cards, so I practiced exchanging business cards with my colleagues.

Heading out to the first exhibition where you can't stop being excited!

Continued next time...
I will also post a picture.

looking forward to!