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In June , Kansai has finally entered the rainy season!
It's going to be a damp and cloudy day. .

It seems that it is easy to get heatstroke on such a humid day. Hydration is essential.

After the rainy season is over, summer is just around the corner!

On the other hand, the turn of slippers will decrease .
How anxious and sad I am.

After all, this season makes you want to go barefoot.
I think there are many people who don't wear slippers.

Yeah yeah I get it. I understand very well.

When I was a child, the first thing I did when I got home from school was to take off my socks.
I can't get enough of that feeling of openness (laughs)

I want to throw a stone at such "summer" slippers! I think (laughs)

Are you just walking around the floor with sweaty bare feet?
There are footprints on the flooring, maybe ... (sweat

That's why I want you to wear slippers in the summer.
You may think, "It's hot like wearing shoes again."

 That's why we introduced "barefoot insoles".

Among the many insoles on the market, this season's "barefoot insoles" are very precious!

Originally attached to sneakers and pumps,
An epoch-making item that allows you to comfortably wear shoes with your bare feet in the summer.
Let's put this on room's and wear it! I thought.

After actually wearing them and living with them, they are very comfortable and, to put it mildly, the best★

(Of course, there are individual differences!)

I bought washable insoles, so I can wash them even if they absorb sweat,
There are also disposable insoles. So it's hygienic even in summer!

We also sell a lot of summer slippers.

Room's is not as breathable as summer slippers, but we hope that everyone who purchases room's will be able to wear it regardless of the season.

It's also nice to have bright colors for summer. Slippers change!


How do you like your summer slippers?
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