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Room's PLUS can be used as office slippers or when going out to the neighborhood. I've been asked how durable it is, so I took a picture every month after putting it down new.

Brand new


Taken on March 31

Taken on May 2nd

Taken on June 3rd

 I wore them from the time I went to work to the time I left (about 8 hours), and I also wore them to convenience stores and lunches. I mainly do desk work, so I don't move around much in the office.

Wrinkles may occur when worn, but since faux leather is used, the appearance will not change significantly from when it was new, and it will maintain its beauty. I wore them when I went to the convenience store or lunch on rainy days, but there was no problem if it was a light rain.

It will change depending on how you wear it, how long you wear it, and how often you walk.

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