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With more time at home, the popularity of lifestyle goods has increased.
The number of people wearing slippers seems to have increased, and the room's series is very popular.


The number of people who are particular about room wear is increasing, and customers want to see the coordination of room's and socks! I often hear the voice of.

Therefore, I tried combining all 9 colors of room's with socks of various colors and patterns.

I tried nine colors: gray, yellow, red, brown, khaki, navy blue, pink, white, and light blue. A total of 81 patterns!

The atmosphere changes unexpectedly depending on the socks.

01 ivory

The soft color makes it perfect for pairing with dark colored socks. If it is a similar color or a light color, it will come together.

02 Camel

This one was the most versatile of all 8 colors. The combination with warm colors is especially cute.

03 gray

It's a chic color, but surprisingly vivid color socks match. My personal favorite is gray and pink.

04 Khaki

Khaki is popular for its nuanced color. Bright colored socks look great.

05 dark brown

Brown, which is deeper than camel, can be combined elegantly with colorful socks.

06 navy

Navy, which is popular among men, looks toned with dark-colored socks.

07 white

Pure and clean white. Socks of any color give a refreshing atmosphere.

08 black

Black with a cool impression will look cool even when paired with pink.

09 red

Vivid colors make every pair of socks gorgeous. Perfect for accenting your outfit.


There is a saying that fashion starts with your feet, and it seems like it would be fun to think about coordinating your home from socks according to your mood that day.

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