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Room's PLUS is popular as office slippers, and the point is that you can choose the material and color to match your everyday coordination. 

The BASIC type using fake leather is available in three colors: black, dark brown, and ivory.

The MESH type using mesh material is available in two colors, navy and gray.

All of the colors are subdued, so it's easy to match with everything from suits to office casuals, but the overall atmosphere changes slightly depending on the color.

I'm not sure which color to choose... You can also give me a voice.

Therefore, I tried to match all colors with the standard office coordination of white tops and black pants.

BASIC type black

BASIC type dark brown

BASIC type ivory

The look is similar to leather, so the overall look is mature. Among them, dark brown and ivory are the accent colors of coordination.

MESH type navy

MESH type gray

The MESH type has a slightly more casual atmosphere than the BASIC type, but the mesh fabric is finer and has a slight sheen, so it maintains a mature look.

Navy gives you a tighter look, while brown gives you a gentle look.

I hope you can choose which combination you like,

For example, if you have a lot of formal suits or monotone clothes and want to create a neat look, how about black BASIC or navy MESH ?

On the other hand, for those who have a lot of office casual clothes like jackets and pants, BASIC dark brown and MESH gray are suitable.

If you have a lot of clothes in soft colors such as pastel colors, it would be nice to combine the whole with BASIC ivory.

All colors are versatile, so choose the one you like.

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