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Frontier's first product was room's .

Six years after its release. It is still a flagship product that boasts deep-rooted popularity.

As the name suggests, "slippers made by a shoemaker," the developer is from a shoe manufacturer.

There are many types of shoes that you can wear when you go out, and there are many designs. No one wears shoes.

But what about slippers?

There are many people who don't wear them, and even those who wear them don't seem to be particular about them.

It's not the person's problem, there are few options, and

Is it because there is nothing that is comfortable to wear and blends in with the interior of the room?

That's what I thought.

So let's make it!

It is a company that started with an idea (laughs).


I bought slippers, but they were difficult to walk on, and I took them off immediately.

It becomes troublesome to wear,

Before I knew it, I stopped wearing it and it was lying in the corner of the room...

Does anyone have such an experience?


The reason why slippers come off easily is that they don't fit your feet.

Then why not try using the wooden molds used to make shoes?


I often stumble when wearing slippers.

Then how about turning the tip up a little?

I used to be a shoe manufacturer, so I know a lot about Hakimono.




The flapping sound when wearing slippers

In a home with babies and small children, you may have to be careful.

People who are busy with household chores may slip in slippers when walking around the house in a hurry.

That's how I felt when I wore slippers,

Clearing one by one, the current shape was completed.


The design is also trial and error.

Aiming for simplicity that matches any interior,

We have eliminated decorations to the utmost.

The form is different from traditional slippers, so it fits well in modern rooms,

It looks like it's going to be summer just by putting it on.

By pointing the toes upward, the form seen from the side is also neat.


I took my time choosing the materials.

Because it is an item that you use every day, it uses faux leather that is easy to care for.

Even if it's fake leather, there are a lot of quality things now.

Among them, we carefully selected a luxurious fabric that looks like leather,

I thought it wouldn't be embarrassing to serve it to important guests.

I'm proud of it, even though it's a small miso.


In this way, 360 ° beautiful slippers made by a shoemaker were completed.

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