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This time, I would like to briefly introduce the history of slippers, as it is a surprisingly unknown world of slippers.

Overseas, there is no custom of taking off shoes at home, and unfamiliar "slippers (room shoes)".

It originated in Japan! It is.

Back in the 19th century, many foreigners came to Japan to open up and introduce advanced technology. At that time, lodgings for Westerners were not yet ready, so flag huts and temples and shrines were used as hotels.

However, Westerners don't know about Japanese culture, so they didn't know the custom of taking off their shoes at the entrance, so they walked up to the tatami mats with their shoes on. yes···.

Therefore, I asked a tailor to make something called "overshoes" to be worn over the shoes. This is the origin of slippers. Fukuzawa Yukichi introduced this as "thripples" in his book.

When something is invented, it is born from "troublesome things".

Slippers made for Westerners spread during the Meiji era, mainly among the upper class who admired Western culture, but Japanese people seem to have become a culture of wearing them barefoot.

This has led to the current slipper culture.

And once again, people around the world saw these "slippers" as indoor slippers, and they spread around the world when airline companies provided them for in-flight use.

Although! Slippers are still not popular overseas.

Along with such "slippers", we would like to spread Japanese culture not only as a product called "slippers" but also all over the world! ! I have secret ambitions.

Due to the corona crisis, the way we spend our time at home has been reviewed worldwide. As the times change, I hope that our slippers will become a part of people's lives around the world.