Osaka office has moved – FRONTIER LifestyleShop JP

hello. This is staff k.

The sun is still strong and the lingering summer heat is severe.

I hope autumn comes soon!

Well, it's been a while, but our Osaka office moved last month.

I would like to introduce our new office. Titled "Frontier Office Tour"! !

Let's start the tour now!

First of all, the glass-enclosed entrance with a sense of openness. A large symbol tree welcomes you.

There is a spacious rest space and a counter in the back. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a place of your choice

Well, here is the next one.

This is a business meeting and showroom. The one-piece table that the president is particular about has an outstanding presence.

There are many windows in the office, and the sunlight always shines in no matter where you are. I work in an open and relaxed way.

In addition, the office is proud of its abundance of greenery. Somehow green makes me feel better!

I'm in charge of watering, but I report to my colleagues every time new shoots grow (laughs).

I will do my best again today in a wonderful office.