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What are your standards when choosing the color of your slippers?
My favorite color, the color that goes with my everyday fashion... Many people may choose to match the color of their floors and rugs in their homes.

Room's comes in 9 colors such as black, camel, and red, and each color is made to blend in with a wide range of interiors, but the characteristics of each color change the atmosphere even in the same room.

So I compared all the colors in a room on the same floor.

01. Dark brown and camel

First of all, dark brown and camel are popular regardless of size. Goes well with natural floors. It seems to be suitable for those who like Scandinavian interiors.

02.Black, navy, khaki

Black, navy, and khaki are popular among men. The atmosphere in the room suddenly tightened. It is also perfect for the popular handsome interior.

03.Ivory, white, gray

Pale colors of ivory, white, and gray create a gentle atmosphere. It's a versatile color that looks great on darker rugs.

04. Red

Bright red is very bright. Not only will it be an accent to your interior, but just wearing it will make you feel better.

What color do you think would suit your room?

It's hard to choose any interior, so please choose a color that is close to your favorite atmosphere and the image you want to be.

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