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In " How room's is made PART 1 ", we introduced the secret story of room's development.

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This time, I will introduce how it is made at the factory.

General slippers are often made in sewing factories, but room's are made in shoe factories. Furthermore, it is manufactured using a wooden pattern in the same way as shoes. That is why each pair is made by hand.

Cut the upper (the part that covers the instep).

Sewing the sole (sole).

Molding (hanging) using a wooden mold for shoes.

Insole fitting.

And so on, it goes through almost the same process as shoes, and there are more than 10 processes required to make one pair, and depending on the process, there are parts that are hand-sewn.
I think slippers that are made with this much time and effort are rare.

The tight fit when you put your feet in room's is due to this kind of process.

 Please check out the video below for more details.

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