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room's のお手入れ

room's care

This time, I would like to talk about the maintenance of "room's" for general cleaning. A question that many customers ask is, "Can room's be washed?"


cold and slippers

It's warmer than November. Make sure it's cold in December! ! It's suddenly cold, but are you all feeling well?


World's top 3 design awards

This time, I would like to introduce the world's design awards, which have also won frontier items! First, what are the world's top 3 design awards?


How about some slippers as a present?

hello. Our room's will make you feel better every day, but we highly recommend it for your home as well as for gifts!


Frontier Logistics Center

hello. This time, we would like to introduce you to the logistics center that manages and ships Frontier products!


Released new product "a.loop"

This is the long-awaited new autumn/winter product! I would like to tell you the secret story of the birth of "a.loop" and the recommended points of the product.


Osaka office has moved

Our Osaka office moved last month. I would like to introduce our new office. Titled "Frontier Office Tour"! !


history of slippers

This time , I would like to briefly introduce the history of slippers, as it is a surprisingly unknown world of slippers.

room's PLUSと普段着

room's PLUS and everyday wear

Room's PLUS is often used for office use, but of course it can also be used at home for shopping in the neighborhood. I tried to match it with various clothes.


New friends have arrived at the frontier.

New friends have joined the frontier this time. Hello, wearing room's!